Hey there

I am Ms. Caitlin, the owner, and director of Cutting Edge Performing Arts. I have such a strong passion for teaching and kids. It brings me such joy to be able to teach all levels and genres and so that I can help spread the love I have for dance to each of my students here at the studio. Owning and teaching at this studio is my dream come true so I thank you for showing interest in our studio and I hope to meet your dancer soon!

My Story

Caitlin Franco holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, emphasizing choreography and pedagogy, from Sam Houston State University. During her time at SHSU were Andy and Dionne Noble of NobleMotion Dance, Dana Nicolay with Dana Nicolay Dance Works, and Jennifer Pontius. Caitlin also had the privilege of studying and performing repertoire from some of the most well-known dance companies around, such as; Astrid Von Ussar, Dominic Walsh, and Paul Taylor II Dance Company.


Once graduated, Caitlin relocated to San Diego, California, where she danced professionally for over 3 years. Within her time in California, she became a soloist with Visionary Dance Company. She was a consistent guest artist with the San Diego Dance Theater and Somebodies Dance Theater, and Blythe Barton Dance. 


Aside from Caitlin’s professional career, she is equally passionate about teaching and choreographing. Starting in 2005, Caitlin began choreographing her own competitive solos, which, over 4 years, earned her 3 National Titles. In 2012, her senior choreography project was hand-selected to represent SHSU at the American College Dance Festival Association (know known as ACDA). In 2014 she was awarded “Best Ensemble” for her co-choreographic work in the prestigious Choreography Showcase Awards held in San Diego. From 2015 to the present, Caitlin has had much success taking her choreographic skills to the competitive studio stage. Various dances of hers have been awarded National Titles and choreographic awards and Best in Category awards. 


Caitlin has dedicated her life to the art of dance. She began training locally at North Harris Performing Arts under Dawn Dippel, Amy Cain, and Ken McCoullough.


Now, as a studio owner, Caitlin is excited to open her studio close to where it all began.